Toddler Program in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton NJ

Toddler Day Care in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton NJOur toddler program, the Sparrows, is an early development program designed for active, curious and mobile toddlers. We offer a fun and safe atmosphere that encourages physical, emotional and intellectual growth. Because this will be one of the busiest times in your child’s life, our teachers are energetic, engaging, and ready to help each toddler explore the world around them. They read, sing and play throughout the day which results in vocabulary advances for every child.

Children at this stage have moved beyond infancy and are now mastering more complex skills that are needed for activities like painting, coloring, dancing, running, puzzles, imaginary play and games. Our curriculum recognizes that toddlers learn best by having opportunities to explore objects using ALL of their senses.

Why is a box often more enticing to a toddler than the toy within the box ? Because a box can be:

  • Filled
  • Dumped
  • Banged on
  • Sat on
  • Sat in
  • Pushed
  • Pulled

We pay careful attention to your toddler’s play because it points to their interests, and that’s how learning opportunities are created!

Features of Our Toddler Program in Mt. Laurel and LumbertonFeatures of Our Toddler Program in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton

  • Parent-friendly Brightwheel app reports diapering details, eating, sleeping, activities and pictures throughout the day
  • Learning themes and activities designed to promote color, number, shape and letter recognition
  • Privately fenced outdoor play area designed specifically for toddlers
  • Caregivers trained in CPR, Toddler development and Health and Safety issues
  • Loving caregivers that are extensively screened and subject to State and Federal fingerprinting and background checks
  • Large classroom space with wide range of age appropriate furniture, toys, books and manipulatives
  • Lesson plans that encourage learning across the five domains; physical, intellectual, language, emotional / social and approaches to learning

If you are a parent of a young child seeking toddler care in Mt. Laurel or Lumberton NJ, we invite you to come visit our Toddler class and see why Laurel Tree Academy is “A Great Place To Grow.” 

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