Pre-K Program in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton NJ

Our Pre-K Program in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton NJ, the Eagles, prepares children for elementary school by encouraging them to PLAY! Preparing a child for elementary school is so much more than teaching them their letters and numbers. The most current research proves that children learn best by doing what they do best – PLAYING. Children at this stage of development are eager to explore the world around them by investigating, analyzing, solving problems and building knowledge. A carefully designed and teacher supported curriculum creates learning opportunities from activities that children tend to gravitate towards.

Our engaging teachers can turn playing with blocks into a hands-on math lesson that teaches:

  • Number operations
  • Geometry
  • Spatial sense
  • Pattern processing
  • Measurement concepts

Structured activities are still offered through circle time, number and letter games, educationally-based computer programs, field trips and themed projects/activities. Concepts that become more important in Elementary School are also reinforced. These include: learning to raise their hands, organizing their personal space, respecting authority and increasing their self-help skills.

Features of Our Pre-K Program in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton

  • prek-programCreating, updating and enhancing learning “centers”
  • Daily activities and pictures are relayed throughout the day with our parent friendly Brightwheel app
  • Providing a variety of age appropriate books, materials and manipulatives including drawing and writing materials in each center so children can “document” their experiences
  • Allowing time in the classroom schedule for teacher-facilitated discussion and reflection on experiences
  • Incorporating teaching strategies that encourage children to THINK about their play
  • Implementing lesson plans that encourage learning across the five domains; physical, intellectual, language, emotional / social and approaches to learning
  • Teachers trained in CPR, Early Childhood development and Health and Safety issues
  • Staff that are extensively screened and subject to State and Federal fingerprinting and background checks
  • Promoting environmental education by using nature-inspired play spaces that contain opportunities for pedaling, climbing, running, swinging, gardening, building and dramatic play

If you are a Mt. Laurel or Lumberton resident seeking Pre-K child care, we invite you to come visit our Pre-K class, and see why the Laurel Tree Academy is “A Great Place To Grow.” 

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