Preschool Program For Three Year Olds in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton NJ

Age Three Child Care in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton NJOur preschool program for three year olds in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton, NJ, the Owls, offers children between the ages of 3-4 the opportunity to explore and investigate the exciting and diverse world around them – all while practicing cooperative play skills, investigative methods and conflict resolution. Our caring teachers encourage developmental growth and gently guide each child along their own unique learning path. Our well-designed, play-based curriculum supports learning throughout the areas of physical, social, emotional, science, math, arts, music, language and literacy.

Classroom learning centers reinforce concepts such as:

    • Sorting
    • Classifying
    • Matching
    • Counting
    • Writing
    • Identifying
    • Creating

Dry erase tables and markers allow children to practice writing in a fun, colorful and creative way. Teacher guided science discussions often involve hands-on experiments and our approach to art goes far beyond coloring sheets. We pride ourselves on making learning an adventure!

Features of Our Preschool Program For Three Year Olds in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton

  • Features of Our Preschool Program For Three Year Olds in Mt. Laurel and LumbertonCreating, updating and enhancing learning “centers”
  • Providing a variety of age appropriate materials including drawing and writing materials in each center so that children can “document” their experiences
  • Daily activities and pictures are relayed throughout the day with our parent friendly Brightwheel app
  • Allowing time in the classroom schedule for teacher-facilitated discussion and reflection on experiences
  • Teachers trained in CPR, Early Childhood development and Health and Safety issues
  • Staff that are extensively screened and subject to State and Federal fingerprinting and background checks
  • Incorporating teaching strategies that encourage children to THINK about their play
  • Implementing lesson plans that encourage learning across the five domains; physical, intellectual, language, emotional / social and approaches to learning
  • Promoting environmental education by using nature-inspired play spaces that contain opportunities for pedaling, climbing, running, swinging, gardening, building and dramatic play

If you are a parent of a three year old and seeking child care in the Mt. Laurel or Lumberton area, reach out to us today. We invite you to come visit our Threes classes, and see why The Laurel Tree Academy is “A Great Place To Grow.” 

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