Infant Program in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton NJ

Our infant program, the Chickadees, provides a fun, safe and nurturing environment for your baby. The Laurel Tree Academy is your baby’s “home away from home”. To ensure a relationship of trust and emotional security, your baby will be cared for by a “Primary Caregiver”, a caregiver primarily responsible for meeting the needs of your baby each day. Your Caregiver will work closely with you to ensure that we follow the same, familiar routine that your baby has at home. Caregivers will hold, cuddle, talk and sing to your baby to help develop a familiar and loving bond.

Infants learn through play and by exploring their world using their senses. Playing “Peek a Boo”, “Pat a Cake”, singing songs and making silly faces are fun games that also foster social-emotional skills, language & communication and many other emerging skills. To encourage each baby’s natural curiosity, we offer a variety of interesting toys, blocks and sensory materials. Nesting and stacking cups, blocks and items of different sizes, shapes, colors and textures, all encourage children to explore, problem solve and promote cognitive development. Dancing to music, rolling balls, and blowing bubbles, excites children and makes them laugh while promoting their physical and motor development.

Features of Our Infant Programs in Mt. Laurel and Lumberton

  • Features of Our Infant Programs in Mt. Laurel and LumbertonPrimary Caregivers ensure meaningful relationships between caregivers, children, and families
  • Spacious, bright & clean nursery, with plenty of carpeted floor space for tummy time, crawling, toddling & dancing
  • “Shoes off” policy keeps our nursery floor clean from debris
  • State-certified cribs that are never shared between children
  • Large variety of activities, toys, manipulatives, & books
  • Soft gym pieces that include wedges, mats & mirrors
  • Rocking chairs for snuggling, cuddling and feeding
  • Feeding table for snack and lunch time for older infants
  • Privately fenced & shaded outdoor play area designed specifically for infants and toddlers includes swings and new infant toddler climber
  • Parent friendly Brightwheel app relays feedings, naps, diaper changes, activities and pictures throughout the day
  • Mature, experienced & loving caregivers are carefully screened
  • Caregivers are trained in CPR, SIDS awareness and prevention, Infant Development and Baby Sign Language

If you are a new parent seeking infant care in Mt. Laurel or Lumberton, we invite you to come visit our nursery and see why The Laurel Tree Academy is “A Great Place To Grow.” 

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